12-week ADHD Therapy Program for Youth

Let’s face it: you’ve been holding it together for a while now.

Your child has been diagnosed with ADHD. And while the diagnosis itself helped you better understand your child’s behaviour, you’re still struggling to make sense of the everyday challenges. And so is your child.

You can’t do anything right for your child.

You’re getting daily calls from the school for pick up.

There’s no shortage of sibling fights.

The meltdowns at the grocery store are jaw-dropping.

And don’t even get you started on the temper tantrums.

You’re at your wit’s end.

Nothing is working. And the harder you try to control or fix the behaviour, the worse it gets.

Believe us, we get it.

That’s why we’re launching a program that’ll take you and your child to new territory.


The 12-week ADHD Therapy Program for Kids

In this 12-week program, your child will undergo Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy through a customized program that works for them.

From Monday to Friday, your child will come to our center for two-hour sessions where a qualified therapist will work with him/her using the ABA Therapy approach.

The intensive, five days a week programming is a commitment to change. And that also includes you, the parent.

Each Friday, you’ll also come into the Center and take part in the sessions to help you fully understand the practical tools your child has learned and how they can apply them in everyday life.

The 12-week program includes:

  • An initial meeting with the child and the parents and set goals for the program (e.g. focus in class, make friends easily, control their impulses)
  • The creation of a customized 12-week program
  • 120 hours of therapy time for your child
  • 24 hours of parent-focused session time
  • Nine weeks of post-program support (one hour a week)
  • Unlimited email support
  • A workbook that provides the customized daily plan.
  • Want a year’s worth of support? We offer monthly check-ins following the 12-week program which also includes unlimited phone call and email support for nine months at an additional cost.

The Benefits of ABA Therapy

While it’s an intensive program, ABA Therapy is proven to help children develop and learn tools to cope with everyday challenges. ABA is a systematic and data-driven approach that results in changing socially significant behaviors.  Ultimately, the focus is on measured outcomes achieved.

Many benefits include:

  • Improved functional language
  • Decrease in undesirable behaviours
  • Progress in fine and gross motor skills
  • Increased focus and attention
  • Class Participation in School
  • Better engagement with peers

At each session, we focus on:

  • Building rapport with your child and help them identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Therapy that’s done through preferred-activity (play-based) interactions so your child feels comfortable and allows them to open up in a safe setting.
  • Strategies to cope with impulse control, to stay focused, to work with others, and to build positive peer relationships.
  • Life skills and coach them on problem-solving, reasoning, taking responsibility for their actions, self-confidence, perception and self-awareness, relating to others and more.

What Does a Typical Session Look Like?

Your child comes into our center from Monday to Thursday for a two-hour session. On Fridays, the parent comes in for the two-hour session with the child.

When your child arrives at the Center each day, they are greeted by a therapist at the door. They come in and we start the session by building rapport with your child with a preferred activity such as a board game or colouring. We’ll talk about how their day went and address anything that happened that day (e.g. a fight at school), and chat about how to build from it. We then move onto skill-building activities based on the goals set for your child. We finish the session with a preferred activity.

On Fridays, the structure is the same, but we are coaching and teaching parents how to support the strategies used that week. As we progress through the program, the parents try out the coaching strategies demonstrated by the therapist. At the end of the session, we talk about homework for the weekend so the parent and child work on that week’s specific strategies and build them into everyday life.

From Our Parents…

“I heard about the JDN Centre for Kids through my son’s ADHD doctor, and while the bug had been put in my ear some time before about ABA therapy, I was very excited to hear about a new centre opening in Perth.  Having had to reach out for therapists and specialists in Ottawa for years, my fingers were crossed that we’d be a great match! It was therefore wonderful to find a warm and compassionate owner and person in Amanda Neadow. She was knowledgeable and very responsive, taking time to talk over the phone and meet with me in person, sharing her own experiences with ADHD and ABA Therapy, and building my excitement about JDN and the professional and caring team she had assembled.  I intuitively knew that JDN Center for Children was going to be the right fit for my son and have not looked back.

Now, as a part of this program, my son can’t wait for his therapy sessions.  He absolutely loves his therapists and recognizes the support and care they offer him. As a family we are already experiencing the benefits of the practical and behavioural solutions and strategies they are helping him develop and appreciate the daily in-person feedback about his progress.

He is simply a happier little human already after his first month with JDN!”

-Mom of Matthew


How does the programming work?

We’ll work with your family on when your child will come into the center each day. We can go as late as a 4-6 p.m. session or we can take them out of school to undergo the programming.

Can the programming be done in my child’s school?

At this point, we cannot provide in-school programming. If your child’s school is within walking distance of our center, we can arrange to have a staff member meet and walk with your child to and from the school to the center.

You say I have to come in each Friday to participant in the program. I am busy, and don’t understand why I have to leave work to do this. Help me out here?

The parent-focused session is to ensure that parents understand the work their child has undergone for the past week. With everyone being on the same page, it’ll make for a much smoother transition and success. Also, your child will be very proud to show you the things he/she has learned in the center.

What ages is this program for?

It’s open to children ages 5 to 18.


Does OHIP cover this program?

This program is not covered by provincial health care. Some benefits programs through your work may cover a portion of the costs.

We can set up payment plans to help work with your budget.


Ready to learn more about the 12-week ABA Therapy Program?

Reach out to us for a coffee and sit down at the JDN Center for Children.