6-week ADHD Therapy Program for Kids

6-week ADHD Therapy Program for Kids

This six-week ADHD Therapy Program for Kids is a customized program that’ll give your child confidence when faced with everyday challenges.

“We’re not having issues at home, but we’re getting calls from school.”

“Life at home is challenging but we don’t hear a peep from the teacher.”

“My child just isn’t making any friends, and is lonely.”

Any of this sound familiar?

While your child may be doing well in some areas of his or her life, they’re struggling in a specific area.  Whether it’s at home, at school, with siblings or with friends, sometimes it’s a matter of learning the why behind the behaviour; and then empowering your child to address these challenges with confidence.

Imagine if your child had tools in his or her back pocket to help navigate through their everyday challenges.

At JDN Center for Children, we’re offering a six-week ADHD Therapy Program for Kids where we’ll work with your child and focus on one specific skill set or challenge.

Whether it’s to focus in class, make friends at recess or control impulses, our therapists will work with your child one on one to build life skills and techniques using a customized plan.

This is good for families who want to help build their child’s confidence by focusing on one specific skill set or challenge and work on practical tools to help them navigate through this pain point.

About the Program

In this six-week program, your child will undergo Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy focusing on one goal or skill defined in a customized program that works for them.

Three times a week, your child will come to our Center for three-hour sessions where a qualified therapist will work with him/her using the ABA Therapy approach.

The condensed, three days a week programming is a commitment to developing one specific skill or goal with the child and parent.

One hour per week, you’ll also come into the Center and take part in the sessions to help you fully understand the practical tools your child has learned and how they can apply them in everyday life.

Following this program, our goal is to give your child confidence to implement these tools and have you – the parent – help coach and support them as they work on these skills.

The 6-week program includes:

  • An initial meeting with the child and the parents and set one goal for the program (e.g. focus in class, make friends easily, control their impulses)
  • The creation of a customized 6-week program
  • 60 hours of therapy time for your child
  • 6 hours of parent-focused session time
  • Unlimited email support
  • A workbook that provides the customized daily plan

At each session, we focus on:

  • Building rapport with your child and help them identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Therapy that’s done through preferred-activity (play-based) interactions so your child feels comfortable and allows them to open up in a safe setting.
  • Strategies to support your child’s specific goal/skill as outlined in their program plan. (eg; impulse control, to stay focused, to work with others, and to build positive peer relationships).
  • Life skills and coach them on problem-solving, reasoning, taking responsibility for their actions, self-confidence, perception and self-awareness, relating to others and more.

What Does a Typical Session Look Like?

Your child comes into our center three times per week for a three-hour session. The first two sessions of each week are solely with the child and therapist. That third session for each week welcomes the parent(s) in where they work with the child and therapist and learn the techniques and skill=building activities. That way, the parent can take these practical skills home and work on them with the child.

When your child arrives at the Center for each session, they are greeted by a therapist at the door. They come in and we start the session by building rapport with your child with a preferred activity such as a board game or colouring. We’ll talk about how their day went and address anything that happened that day (e.g. a fight at school, recess time), and chat about how to build from it. We then move onto skill-building activities based on the goal set for your child. We finish the session with a preferred activity.

At the third session for each week, the structure is the same, but we are coaching and teaching parents how to support the strategies used that week. Parents have the opportunity to observe and try out the coaching strategies being worked on.

At the end of the session, we talk about homework for the weekend so the parent and child work on that week’s specific strategies and build them into everyday life.

Q& A

What is the difference between the 12-week program and the 6-week program?

The six-week program focuses on one specific skill or area to help you child thrive. We come up with a plan to help build confidence, skills and practical approaches that leads to better identifying those challenges associated with that skill and how to overcome it.

Meanwhile, the 12-week program looks at the whole child and builds on multi approaches and skills to build confidence and life-long skills. The 12-week program provides more hourly therapy sessions and includes longer-term support.


Ready to learn more? Let’s connect and set up a time to meet over coffee and chat about your child, his or her challenges and how this six-week program could help transform behaviours and build confidence.