ABA Therapy

My Child has Autism…Now What?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can look and feel very differently for each child (and parent). Your child may not be meeting developmental milestones, not talking, cannot play with peers, or have extreme behaviours.

It’s tough to navigate through the everyday challenges that often come with ASD. That’s why we’re here.

At the JDN Center for Children, we have one goal in mind: to see your child thrive.

Based out of Perth, Ontario we offer an ABA Therapy program that’s custom designed specifically for your child’s needs and goals.

Working with you, our therapy team i will develop a therapy plan that will enhance your child’s strengths and develop their skills in areas such as communication, social skills, academics as well as fine/gross motor, self- help and life skills.

Working with our senior BCBA Therapist who designs the plans, you will feel supported, re-assured and in control once you see the program laid out for your child.

Why ABA?

ABA stands for Applied Behavioural Analysis and it’s an evidence-based therapy approach that encourages skill development in your child while also making it fun for them.

The therapy focuses on developing functional skills (such as dressing yourself or speaking) and also helps to reduce trigger behaviours (such as tantrums and fidgeting).

ABA Therapy uses reinforcement in positive ways so that your child will grow to love the program and feel encouraged every step of the way!

About the Program:

Our ABA programs are delivered on a 1:1 basis and range from 10-30 hours per week based on the needs and goals of your child. Your weekly hours are broken down into half day sessions and run Monday-Friday with both morning and afternoon sessions available.

With ABA Therapy, you’ll get:

  • An initial assessment of your child
  • A custom-built program for your child
  • A correspondence journal in which our therapists will mark daily for your review
  • Daily, structured activities in our center that encourages play, skill development and social skills.
  • A monthly meeting/review with our JDN Center staff to check in
  • Ongoing email and call support

Want to know what a typical session looks like? Check out “A Day in the Life: Our Autism Program” HERE to answer your questions.

Program Rates:

You want the best for your child – especially when it comes to functional and skill development.

And there are funding opportunities available to help cover the cost of therapy.

While our wish here at JDN Center for Children is that the provincial government support families immediately upon a child’s Autism diagnosis, that funding isn’t always available from the onset.

Learn more about the funding opportunities available for a child diagnosed with ASD by coming in to meet with us. Contact us today at amanda@jdncenter.com