Ever wanted to know what it’s like to spend a day at the JDN Center for Children?  Today, we’re highlighting a typical day of ABA Therapy for Autism. We have a schedule that we follow, which is similar to school or a daycare setting.

A Day in the Life: Our Autism Program

The therapist meets the child at the door. They take off their coat and bag, put their lunch kit away and put on their indoor shoes. It’s time to get the day started!

JDN Center for Children

Jacket and shoes come off

They have a snack, and we then head into our NET (Natural Environment Teaching) room, which is an interactive, comfortable place filled with toys, books, puzzles, art, costumes, a lemonade stand and anything else you can think of for a playroom.

We start with pairing where we have the child get familiarized with the therapist. We’re playing games, reading books and interacting constantly together on the floor. Through this, the therapist can build a rapport with the child so the child can to trust them for the rest of the day (even if we’re doing this daily).


JDN Center for Children Pairing



We tidy up and then do circle time. We collectively sit in a circle, sing songs, learn the days of the week, talk about the weather so it’s a social skills and interaction time with the other children. It’s a great chance to get used to this activity for school readiness.

JDN Center for Children

Circle Time

Following that, we go do some learning through table work. At the table, the child is learning based on the his/her specific learning needs. For instance, they may learn how to identify colours, numbers and objects or learn to communicate through non-verbal activities.

Skill Building

We also work on Augmented Communication tactics by communicating through alternative methods including PECS, Proloquo2go software and the iPad.


Lunch time!

Jdn Center for Children


For the afternoon, we’ll have outdoor play time (we have access to a huge backyard!) and continue with a repetitive cycle through these same activities throughout the day.


Our day is structured and routine based so that your child has a consistency to their day while working on their social and life skills in a safe and comfortable setting with a team who truly cares about your child’s well-being and development.