The screaming, swearing and fighting are endless. I just need it to stop!

I don’t know what he wants, everything I give him he throws back at me or yells, No! Some days I feel like I am losing my mind.

We have a lot of good days but there are days where the communication between my son and I are less than calm, open or easy.

My son struggles to express his wants and needs appropriately. That’s especially true when he is tired, hungry or feeling anxious. I struggle to be patient and calm when I am tired, hungry or being screamed at for the 100th time – all before 8 a.m.

Do you know how easy it is to fall into the black hole of screaming matches when everyone is running on no sleep and we missed snack time?

Easy, really, really EASY! and I would be lying if I told you it never happens.

Save the Day and Ask for a Do Over:

The reality of parenting ADHD’ers is that they don’t always know how to express their wants and/or needs appropriately and we as parents, are often exhausted. This makes calm communication a challenge.

On those crazy days, how do you save face and calm the storm? You take a deep breath and ask for a Do Over.

Yup, I have asked for many Do Overs in my parenting journey.

Sometimes I have asked for 2-3 in the same day! (thankfully those days are less now).


So, What’s a Do-Over?

A Do Over is when you…. (give me the exact outline of how it works)

This approach gives both you and your child the opportunity to stop screaming, re-focus and start fresh. It allows us to realize that our kids are trying to tell us something (they’re tired, hungry, sad, frustrated) and it allows our child to know that we are there for them and are ready to help. Sometimes that’s all that is needed to set the rest of the day up for success.

Do Overs are credited with many successful days at our house.

Next time you find yourself in a screaming match and about to lose your mind, remember: take a deep breath and ask for a Do Over.

Trust me, it works 😊