Man, is it really October already? How did that happen so fast? 

At the start of the summer, I made a vow to slow down and take more time for reflection. I needed to prepare myself for some of the bigger changes headed my way. 

 One of those changes involved my son. 

 Like it does every year, the first day of school appeared out of the blue. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this next chapter. You see, my oldest son was starting Grade 7.

 I knew it was time for a change, but I wanted to savour those last few months before he started growing up even more! 

 When it comes to maturity, change is sneaky. It happens so slowly and quietly. However, there is one obvious indicator: confidence. 

 By the end of the summer, it became clear that my son was definitely gaining confidence. He was asking the hard questions and making decisions based on what was right for him. Now that we’re already a month into school, I see his maturity in the conversations we have, and in the knowledge and curiosity, he brings to the table. 

 In the blink of an eye, I’ve seen my son change so much over the summer. My heart swells with pride as I watch him navigate the world feeling more sure of himself. I think that in starting Grade 7 last month, he’s really starting to find his groove.

 He’s ready for this, even if I’m not!

 As my son starts to find his knack in school, I’m also working on finding my groove in businesses-life. 

 This year has brought on a lot of changes for the JDN Center, and sometimes it feels like we’re in a constant process of finding our groove. We’ve: 

changed our focus and direction

Moved to a new location

and even made some exciting new partnerships

 While change is imminent, I’ll take a lesson from my son and embrace it with quiet confidence.

As I now take the time to slow down and reflect over this past few months, I am so amazed at the young man my boy is becoming. I’m also so happy that we’re getting to take these changes in stride, all while being at each others’ sides. 

 Here’s to changes! 

 What changes did you witness in your children during the first month of school?