Five Reasons Why Summer Camp is so Good for Kids

Remember when you were a kid and you got to embark on an epic summer camp journey? You met new friends who you’d never cross in your school hallways. You still remember the songs you learned from your camp counsellor while sitting around the campfire. You made some mean gimp bracelets, too. #sogood

While you enjoyed your time at summer camp as a child, you didn’t even realize that your parents were giving you an even bigger gift – self-development and life skills. You came away with many new skills and life lessons that you would never gain from sitting in a classroom. But you didn’t know that at the time; instead, you were simply having a fantastic summer!

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of five ways in which summer camp offers so much to a child’s development AND their lifetime memory bank. Check them out:


  1. Self-confidence & Resiliency

When you take away the parents and the teachers, kids are can learn to make their own decisions. By giving them this freedom to do so, summer camp helps kids build self-confidence and resiliency in a really safe environment.


  1. Friendships & Social Skills

Camp is a place where kids can unwind and make friends easily. It’s is a tight-knit community where kids do most things together, so they get opportunities to learn how to solve squabbles and discover the importance of genuine communication.

They get to connect with a group of kids different from school and because they’re in a new setting, they gain emotional intelligence by learning how to integrate into a new, but fun, social setting. In other words? Camp is the place where kids often make their best, life-long friends.


  1. Experiential Learning & Connecting With Nature

You may call it experiential learning and connecting with nature, but how do kids define it? They simply think of it as getting to walk through forested trails, discover never-before-seen species, and find out what it’s like to play with gooey flour. And, tie dye t-shirts. Ohh…..those shirts!

 In particular, nature provides opportunity for hands-on adventure. Children need outdoor activity for the healthy development of their senses, which leads to learning and creativity. And, as a bonus, appreciation of nature promotes environmentally-friendly habits that will serve this world well.


  1. Physical Activity & Body Image

Running, swimming, dancing, and jumping are instinctual childhood activities, and giving kids the space, encouragement, and free time to express themselves physically will build healthy lifestyle habits and a healthy body image. The best part? They sleep like champs each night.


  1. Focus and Time Management

How, in the name of Pokéman, can a child gain focus and time-management skills at summer camp?! Great question. While most of the day spent at a summer camp can include physically- or mentally-focused activities, kids do get down-time where they can practise quieting techniques away from video games or Netflix. As a result, kids experience reduced tension and anxiety. Heck, they will be fostering back-to-school readiness without even realizing it!



Ready for your child to make those same summer camp memories?

The JDN Center for Children Summer Camp embraces your child’s uniqueness and quirks, and creates a space where campers feel like they truly belong. They will build self-esteem, independence, healthy living skills, and strong friendships. You can be sure that your child will have a fun-filled summer with teaching moments and memories to last a life-time! Learn more about our JDN Center for Children Summer Camp and how your child can start making memories today.