June: the last month of school where kids are bouncing off walls, field trips are a plenty, and you just don’t know if you have it in you to make one. More. Lunch.

We’re feeling your pain over here, so we’ve put together some coping techniques on how to survive June and get to the end of the year with as few fits and tears as possible; never mind your children having to deal with your fits and tears.


 1. Hold Steady with Bed Time

June brings warmer weather and longer days. Everyone wants to be outside longer either at the baseball field or in the garden. But June is super stressful for our kids. Schedules at home are changing as winter activities end and summer activities ramp up. School is full of fun days, provincial testing, and field trips. So holding steady with regular bedtime routines will make for a restful nights and successful mornings.


2. Review and Tweak Your Strategies

It is important to review and remind your child (and their teacher) of successful coping strategies. The final month of school can be very stressful for children and it is important to remind them of the strategies that worked well throughout the year and to acknowledge if some tweaks are needed to get through the final weeks.


3. Reflect and Encourage

June is a great time to review the goals that you and your child set for the school year and to reflect on your child’s progress. Creating a visual map can help your child see how far they have come in reaching a specific goal. Goals do not have to always be academic related. You can recognize successful bus rides or making new friends.  Reviewing the positive achievements of the year will give your child encouragement to hang in for the last few weeks.


4. Schedule a year-end Meeting with Principal & Teachers

As the school year ends we can’t help but think of what September will look like. Will I have the same teacher? Will my friends be in my class ? Am I starting a new school? For some children (and parents) ending the school year is scary, making them already anxious about what to expect in September. Having a year-end review meeting with the principal and teachers will help better prepare both you and your child for September and ease some of the year end jitters.


5. Play Hookie

As parents, we know our children best. We know if they are feeling anxious or overwhelmed with the changes to school routine, increased excitement of classmates for summer break and just being ready for summer break. Depending on the grade your child is in, much of the heavy work is done by June. At least in Primary grades. So, if your schedule will allow book a day off and go to the park, take a day trip or just relax at home with your child and do something you both enjoy. Yes, in a few short weeks they will have 8 weeks off work and you may have already booked your weeks’ vacation. But if having a day off mid week or at the beginning of the week will save your child from a setback, then go for it. Call the school and tell them he/she isn’t coming in that day.

PEP TALK: So, there you have it. You’ve got this month handled. We believe in you. You should believe in you! Now take this month of June and make it yours.