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Today, it’s been determined that 11 percent  of children are born with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

If you’re a parent, you see it at home. If you’re a teacher, you see it in the classroom. If you’re a coach, you see it on the field.

You want kids who can stay focused through an entire math lesson. You want to lead hockey practices without tantrums or outbursts. You want to create a nurturing environment where all children have equal opportunities to learn, grow and thrive.

You see it and you recognize the struggles, but what can YOU do to help?

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I love hitting the stage to teach both large and small groups about ADHD behaviours and to promote ADHD awareness. We chat about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to helping kids through an attention deficit disorder.

I’ve become an expert on ADHD because I’ve truly lived it. When my sons were first diagnosed with ADHD, it took time, research, and a lot of trial and error to work through the struggles our family faced.

Then, I discovered I have it, too. Yep, I have ADHD.

I’ve learned to deal with this disorder from all angles, whether through helping my sons cope with ADHD, working with parents and other ADHD children, or learning to work through my own disorder.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or club organizer, these are some topics of interests that I’ve covered in the past:

  • ADHD for educators: strategies for the classroom
  • Learning the functions of behaviours: why do ADHD children behave like this?
  • A day in the life: parenting ADHD
  • Diagnosed — now what?

My live talks can be customized to meet the interests of the groups and tailored to cover a group’s unique needs and concerns.

I bring my passion and experience to the stage where audience members come away with tangible, practical strategies to help change an ADHD child’s life for the better.

Ready to learn? Want to have your eyes opened to a world where all children can learn, thrive and be happy?

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